Ghar is a restaurant crafted by Indian ingredients showing versions of India through a myriad of culinary creations in this unique and poetic space.

Our story

Inspired by the culture and ingredients of Indian cuisine, Ghar seeks to exhibit a myriad of culinary creations in a unique, poetic space.

Founded by Chef Hiran Patel, Ghar draws culinary inspiration from the Indian subcontinent with a focus on integrating old world flavors with new world techniques. The restaurant is located within the fabulous Casa Hoya which means an elevated door to door experience.

chef hiran patel standing in a doorway smiling


In 2010, Chef Hiran's creative spirit and wanderlust mindset coupled with a passion for crafting sensational dishes led him to follow his dreams and enter the professional culinary world.

Since then Hiran has worked in various roles within the fine dining industry, and it was not long before he began to formulate his own ideas about a progressive Indian concept in the United States. Naansense, a fast casual restaurant headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, started in 2014 and has ballooned to multiple regional locations on the verge of going national!

During the formative Naansense years, Hiran continued to challenge his entrepreneurial spirit by creating fine dining pop-ups and luxury international weddings that ultimately brought him to Mexico. Initially, Hiran came to SMdE to teach a team of Mexican chefs the fundamentals of Indian cuisine, and a partnership with Zumo Events for south Asian weddings.

After several trips to the area and establishing many amazing relationships in the local community, Hiran was approached to bring a unique concept to a restaurant space located inside Casa Hoyas.The decision was easy. Ghar was born. Ghar, which means "home", is exactly how Hiran felt about this town and it's magnificent people. We are thrilled to share his vision of a marriage between Indian flavors and the other great cuisines of the world, especially his beloved Mexico.


A look INto the team

With time comes talent.

Hur cupido presser

Hur Cupido Preisser, (Co-Owner/GM), is no stranger to the hospitality scene in San Miguel de Allende. His career in hospitality kickstarted over a decade ago after moving from Puebla to Mexico City in 2013. He quickly found his footing with a restaurant group, starting in the kitchen. Gradually, he started to travel with his team and soon realized his passion hospitality shift towards the service side.  In 2016, Hur landed in San Miguel de Allende, where he has been ever since. His passion for hospitality shines through with his attention to detail, warm personality, and inviting nature, which are exactly what define Ghar.

Mauricio Hernandez Patraca

Mauricio Hernandez Patraca, (Executive Catering Chef), will lead the culinary efforts in the kitchen. His commitment to the culinary arts is evident in how he navigates around the kitchen. His calm and collected attitude is a testament to the years he has dedicated to cooking. Mauricio's curiosity for Indian culture was sparked long before he took charge of the kitchen at Ghar or even tasted Indian food. During his college days, he discovered Indian philosophy when he started reading the Bhagavad Gita. He was so moved by the words that he got verses tattooed on himself. The customers will instantly feel his excitement for the cuisine and culture when they meet him. He is a gem of a person, we look forward to introducing you to him.

Mayte Rivera

Mayte Rivera, (Executive Pastry Chef), is set to take the town on a unique adventure. Her intrigue with spices began when she worked at Panio. It was there that she was first introduced to how a strong spices such as cardamom can be delicately used in making pastries. Little did she know years later she would open the box of spices all of what india has to offer. Since taking on the role, Mayte has been researching and developing flavor profiles that she can't wait to share. What fascinated her even more was discovering the similarities between Mexican and Indian cultures from eating habits, traditions, and cooking styles. This role was tailor-made for Mayte's sense of adventure and playful personality, and we are excited to showcase her creations.